Corporate conventions are an essential way for businesses to unite employees showcase ideas and plan for the months and years ahead. With many changes in the way businesses are run, a lot of bigger conventions have been transformed into virtual events. Even with a virtual event, you want to showcase a professional touch and give viewers something to enjoy.

One way to help set up your virtual event is with AV labor. Professional staffing comes with multiple advantages. Learn ways to help make your virtual event stand out and provide a professional atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

1. Professional Staging

Just because you are running an event virtually doesn't mean you should avoid a stage production. Give your virtual event a big-time feel with the use of a professional stage. When you rent out a venue, you will have the space to move around, use professional lighting, and have multiple camera angles.

Essentially, you should treat the digital convention like a traditional one and provide viewers with the full experience. Even if you're just streaming online, you do not want to rely on a basic web camera. AV staffing uses professional cameras and alternate angles to create a smooth production.

2. Professional Audio

Along with staging, professional audio will help bring your virtual event to another level. AV labor workers can set up standard microphone stands and connect wireless microphones for clear audio. You can also rely on other audio sources to weave into the production. For example, you can have a music soundtrack play in the background.

The audio mixing will provide clear audio tracks for viewers online and a professional output will help avoid common problems like audio feedback.

3. Special Effects

An AV team can help provide virtual effects that make a big difference in the way you present information. You can shoot footage in front of a large green screen and put in digital backgrounds. Lower thirds can provide the names of speakers and additional information related directly to the conference.

Before the convention, you can plan out all of the special effects with an AV labor team. Their tips and suggestions can help improve the overall production value. Tests done beforehand will help with the digital quality and prevent any pixelation caused by poor connections.

An AV team will connect you to high-speed internet and can run monitors to see exactly what everyone on the feed sees.

Through proper planning, you can deliver a virtual convention that keeps viewers engaged and conveys your messages with a professional touch.