If you work during the day and have a teen, it can be difficult to keep track of your child. An automated home can help you keep track of your teen as well as set family schedules to boost the productivity and health of everyone in your home. From easy wake-up calls to a set chore schedule, an automated home can be a useful tool in making sure that your teen is safe and following your house rules. Below are some of the ways you can use home automation to keep track of your teenage child. 

Morning Wake Up While Respecting Your Teen's Privacy

If your teen tends to sleep in as long as they can, you likely have to help get them out of bed and to school on time in the morning. Some automated features can help you do that without even entering your teen's room. For example, you can set the lights to come on or the curtains to open at an appropriate wake-up time. Additionally, you can set music to play in their room or set an alarm in their room that can only be turned off from the central hub or your remote device. These are all ways to get your teen up and moving while still respecting their privacy. 

Check When Your Teen Arrives Home from School 

Perhaps you want to know when your teen is home and when they are out. There are several ways to manage this. You can give your teen a small chip that clips to their keys or a smart phone and communicates whether they are within range of your home or not with your remote device. Alternatively, with a smart lock, you can assign each member of the home a different code for unlocking the door. Then you can have the system text you whenever a code is entered into the lock, letting you know when someone enters or leaves your home. 

Locking Entertainment During Study Periods 

Many teens need to be encouraged to follow good study habits, which means removing distractions such as televisions, gaming systems, or computers. With home automation, you can not only lock these devices during certain hours, but you can unlock them remotely if your teen calls you to let you know they finished their studies early. To go a step further, you can design your home in such a way that these devices are completely hidden when not in use, such as keeping them behind panels or within cupboards that open remotely. This will keep them completely out of mind for the studying teen. 

Ensure Better Sleep 

Only 15% of teens get the appropriate amount of sleep they need on school nights. With a home automation system, you can help ensure the best environment for your teen's sleep. You can set all electronics to turn off an hour before bedtime and set lights to dim to promote the production of melatonin. Additionally, you can set the temperature of each room to the ideal sleeping temperature. This can help your teen relax at night, fall asleep faster, and get a better quality of sleep.

Setting Up Chore Lists and Schedules

Running a household usually involves a number of housekeeping activities. With an automated home, you can set up reminders for your teen to complete their parts of the chore list at the appropriate times. Besides having an alarm, you can also keep control of the entertainment systems until their chores are completed. 

If you have a teen, you should talk to a home automation expert about the unique ways that home automation can improve your teen's life and your relationship with them.